Schock are world leaders in the manufacturing of granite kitchen sinks.

Designed and built in Germany, Schock use cutting edge technologies to create sinks that are not only stunning but will also stand the test of time. Around 80% of the material used to create a Schock sink is quartz; the hardest constituent of granite. This is then combined with high-grade acrylic to produce a finished piece that is incredibly resistant to scratches and cracks.

Schock sinks are available in two different material types; Cristalite and Cristadur. Cristalite is the result of 30 years of refinement and testing and is tougher than ever before, with the added benefit of more intense surface colours. It is also good-safe and UV-stable. Cristadur boasts all of the benefits of Cristalite with the addition of an ultra-fine structure that repels dirt like never before. The materials' silky surface stops dirt and bacteria from sticking, so it essentially runs right off.

For those who are concerned with the sustainability of using granite to create sinks, you'll be pleased to know that Schock are incredibly proud of their actions regarding sustainability and environmental protection. Their headquarters are located in the Bavarian Forest and they use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to help preserve the environment for the future.