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Smiths Plinth Heaters

In almost every home, the kitchen is the room where extra space is most desirable. Whether it's for additional storage or the range cooker of your dreams, every metre counts; which is why traditional radiators aren't always a practical choice. This is, however, the price you have to pay if you want your kitchen to be toasty warm, right? Wrong.

Plinth heaters are an affordable and space-conscious solution for those who want to keep warm without sacrificing room. They fit neatly into the dead space area of kitchen unit plinths; freeing up wall space for additional units, appliances, or other improvements to your kitchen.

Smith's range of plinth heaters are some of the best in the business, and they are available in two variations; hydronic and electric. The hydronic style, also known as a hydronic kick heater or a wet system, is a direct replacement for your traditional radiator as it runs from the existing pipework for your central heating. The electric models are ideal for use in situations were no pipework is easily accessible.

Available in a variety of finishes to blend in effortlessly with the style and design of your kitchen, there really is no reason not to install one of Smith's plinth heaters.

Save money and space with Smith's.

Now £213.79
Was £369.00
Save £155.21 (42%)
  • Max Room Size: 63m³
  • Connects to Boiler: Yes
  • Cold Fan Option: Yes
  • Annual Running Cost: £4 - £5


Now £115.00
Was £189.00
Save £74.00 (39%)
  • Max Room Size: 29m³
  • Electric Output: 2kW
  • Cable Included: 2m
  • Cold Fan Option: Yes


Now £25.00
Was £49.00
Save £24.00 (49%)


Now £19.00
Was £39.00
Save £20.00 (51%)


Now £195.00
Was £369.00
Save £174.00 (47%)
  • Max Room Size: 33m³
  • Connects to Boiler: Yes
  • Cold Fan Option: Yes


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